How to make a Physic Martini

How to make a Physic Martini

An extremely simple yet hugely popular cocktail made from just two ingredients, the Physic Martini is a classic tipple at its best.

Our herbaceous Physic Gin, crafted from 25 botanicals, provides a complex beginning to your martini. Boasting a blend of grapefruit, bay leaf and Szechuan pepper, and bottled at 42.1% ABV, this gin will make sure your martini packs a complex punch.

Whilst the origins of the Martini flaunt various, tangled roots, from being constructed by individual bartenders to being merely a matter of branding, one thing is for certain, this timeless and refreshing cocktail is extraordinarily low maintenance. And if that doesn’t tempt you then its silken texture certainly will.

Industry folklore suggests that how you prefer your martini may reveal a lot about your personality. Whilst we are certainly more mixologist than psychologist, we can successfully reach one conclusion; if you like your martini dirty, you must be the next Bond.


  • 50ml Physic Gin
  • 10ml Dry White Vermouth


  1. Add lots of ice to your martini glass.
  2. Pour the Physic Gin and Dry White Vermouth into your martini glass over the ice.
  3. Stir and taste until the elements have combined to create a silky texture.
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