How to make a Merry Manhattan

How to make a Merry Manhattan

The next best thing to spending Christmas in New York is drinking this elegant Manhattan with a decidedly merry twist.

Dating from 1882, the Manhattan is a stalwart of the classic cocktail canon. There have been various permutations over the years, although its formula (rye, bourbon, vermouth, and bitters, lest you need to ask) remains unchanged. Tweaks are, however, permissible. There are rare occasions when it is even possible to elevate it - and this might just be one of them.

Our Christmas Pudding Rye is the ideal plummy, spice-and-orange-laced addition to the drinks cabinet and it’s showcased to perfection in this festal version of a Manhattan. This rye will mix happily with most vermouths but Punt e Mes makes for a particularly happy partnership.


  • 50ml Christmas Pudding Rye
  • 25ml Punt e Mes Vermouth
  • Boker's Bitters (or, as an alternative, Orange Bitters)


  1. Select your glass. We recommend a delicate, thin-stemmed coup glass.
  2. Chill the glass by filling it with crushed ice.
  3. Add the Christmas Pudding Rye and the Punt e Mes Vermouth to a mixing glass or tin.
  4. Cover with ice and stir until well diluted.
  5. Discard the ice from the coup.
  6. Pour the cocktail into a chilled coup glass and add 3 dashes of Bitters.
  7. Garnish with an orange twist.
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