How to make a Dam Sloe Spritz

How to make a Dam Sloe Spritz

This two-ingredient cocktail is the perfect low-maintenance cocktail to serve at parties and get-togethers.

Our British visitors have likely grown up surrounded by their grandparents own take on sloe gin at Christmastime. Typically, this would have been consumed neat or on the rocks as our grandparents simultaneously appreciated its unique nutty quality and seethed at their recount of picking the sloes. The art of making Sloe Gin is a long time British tradition even we couldn't fight against, nor would we want to.

This delicious cocktail is made from our very special Dam Vintage Sloe Gin which is crafted primarily from local damsons and sloe berries, all of which have been hand foraged by the team at the distillery. Selecting our patches annually is a highlight of our year, although the enjoyment of the event is frequently called into question as the sloe’s take it in turns to prick us.

This gin has been matured for two and a half years in a Vintage Port cask to unlock the fruit’s natural sweetness and to gift the Sloe Gin with well-rounded almond and marzipan notes.

Whilst a spritz may typically be considered to be a summertime drink, the richness of our Dam Vintage Sloe Gin makes this a winter-friendly, warming spritz that can be enjoyed irrespective of the season. Plus, Prosecco makes everything enchanting.


  • 20ml Dam Sloe Gin
  • 75ml Prosecco


  1. Pour the Dam Sloe Gin into a glass over ice.
  2. Add the Prosecco very slowly over the top and enjoy!
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