Visiting Oxford’S Bar Scene

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Visiting Oxford’S Bar Scene

We’ve been thinking about your distillery tour experience and it occurred to us that you might quite like to go for a drink after you’ve visited us. But where? Oxford is a beautiful, buzzing city with countless options, so we’ve narrowed it down to three of the best. With no further ado, here are our top recommendations for cocktails in this wonderful city.


Named after Lewis Carroll’s famous protagonist, The Alice Bar is one of the newest bars in town. It’s one of the most beautiful bars we’ve ever been to, a real feast for the eyes, and serves seriously delicious cocktails which take inspiration from The Randolph’s surroundings and Oxford’s history, including the Randolph Gimlet, their house special.

Renowned Illustrator John Broadley created the menu artwork evoking the spirit of Oxford and ideas from “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” and inspired by the celebrated British Cartoonist Osbert Lancaster, an erstwhile resident of The Randolph Hotel who paid for his keep in paintings.


The Plough at 38 is one of Oxford’s oldest watering holes. The Plough first opened on its current site in 1656 and has been serving towns folk and visitors for over 350 years.

Where The Alice is all glitz, this is low key loveliness in tavern form. A great old historical pub with a lot of character, it is variously praised in reviews for the knowledge, passion and enthusiasm of its staff. We particularly recommend the delicious Old Fashioned or (of course) a G&T with our very own gin.


The Duke of Cambridge has been mixing great drinks in Oxford since 1981. Located in the bohemian district of Jericho, the bar is always bursting with atmosphere at the weekends with a more chilled vibe during the week. They also have a DJ on Fridays if you’re looking for a bigger night out. Their cocktail selection is second to none, some describe them as ‘sensational’ no less.

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