Talking Sustainable Spirits at COP 26

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Talking Sustainable Spirits at COP 26

There is no smoke and mirrors in our distillery. We’re on a journey to being as sustainable as we can be, and though it’s a long road and there’s a lot to do, we will get there one step at a time. But there is one respect in which we can’t be bettered - our farming. There’s no grainwashing over here.

Last year Spirits Europe reported that 25-30% of the total carbon footprint of spirits comes from farming; a huge whack that cannot be ignored in a truly sustainable spirits business. Farming does not get more sustainable than how we do it. Farming regeneratively (restoring soil health, ecosystems and supporting biodiversity), mostly on farms within 50 miles of our distillery, using absolutely no pesticides; no herbicides, no insecticides… no chemicals whatsoever. And sadly that makes us a bit of a unicorn in spirits production, where grain is the major ingredient.

We had a fantastic and educational week last week with some of our team up in Glasgow for #COP26 ‘fringe’ events hosted at 75.5 Steps, an inspiring initiative by The Drink Cabinet, sitting alongside some wonderful brands, taking part in enriching discussions around what sustainable drinks really are and what we can all do better.

It's a fascinating discussion and means something different to everyone, from farming, energy sources and production values to office work practises, labels, glassware and so much more. Once our spirits reach homes across the country, can they still be considered sustainable once we’ve added a lime shipped thousands of miles across the world, with all that involves?

This course has a long way to run and we’re just at the beginning, but we know we are responsible for the environmental consequences of our business, and we’re determined to do our bit.

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