Next Stop: Milroy’s of Soho

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Next Stop: Milroy’s of Soho

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Soho stands a beacon for all things whisky. Milroy’s of Soho claim you’d be hard pushed to find a richer whisky line-up anywhere in London (and we agree)! That’s why we asked Thom Smyth, Milroy’s Manhattan-mad General Manager, to craft us an Oxford Rye cocktail. In true fashion Thom stirred us up a Brooklyn, juggling bottles to create this famous variation which big-ups rye’s savoury flavours.

Thom then took on ‘Quick Serve’, our whisky-related AND unrelated question round. We wonder who else agrees that The Oxford Artisan Distillery faked the moon landings?

Want to try our Oxford Rye whiskies? Why not join us on our Whisky Tour, an in-depth tour of our distillery, where you will learn about the heritage grain at the heart of our whisky and taste at least 3 of our exclusive batches.

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