My reflections on earth day

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My reflections on earth day

Our Head of Farming and archaeobotanist John Letts has dedicated his life’s work to developing his unique sustainable farming methodology; a methodology which is at the heart of our spirits and which we truly believe can be a global movement. Today, on Earth Day, John shares his thoughts on why this day is so important and why action is the best way to counter fear and powerlessness in our fight against climate change:

“Today is Earth Day, a day for us to celebrate the beauty of planet earth as well as acknowledge our failure to protect the complex natural ecosystems and human societies that have evolved on it over thousands of years. Sadly, the predictions made by the environmental activists who declared the first ‘Earth Day’ in April 1970 are coming true, and the natural cycles and diversity that underpins life on earth are rapidly breaking down. This was the frightening message of the first Earth Day. I was a schoolboy at the time, and I remember the fear I felt when I heard that the rainforests would be cut down within my lifetime, the air we breathed and the food we ate were toxic due to pollution, eagles, whales and polar bears would all soon be extinct, and famine, war and disease would increase due to inequality and our mismanagement of the earth’s bountiful resources.

A few weeks later, as winter turned into spring in Ontario, I planted my first vegetable garden. This week, over half a century later, I planted a vegetable garden – and thousands of rare cereals lines obtained from gene banks. I am still driven by the desire to grow food, and to preserve and share the seeds of our ancestors. For me Earth Day is a reminder that action is the best way to counter fear and powerlessness, and that we are all part of a growing global community that is taking action to protect Mother Earth and ensure the future of humanity.”

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