Cosmopolitan with a Whisky Twist

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Cosmopolitan with a Whisky Twist

In the basement of the One Hundred Shoreditch hotel is a cocktail bar like no other.

Seed Library is an intimate space from the multi-award winning mixology maestro, Mr. Lyan, who is also behind the Best Bar in the World! Just like The Oxford Artisan Distillery, Seed Library is known for its heritage ingredients, small-batch spirits and sustainable techniques, making it the perfect place to showcase our Oxford Rye Whisky.

Seed Library’s super talented Senior Bartender, Greig Howitt @gh_drinks, did not disappoint with his unexpected twist on the classic cosmo.

The proud Scotsman then declared that English whisky is 'delicious actually'.

If you don’t believe us, watch below.  Don’t worry, Greig! We don’t understand many of the Quick Serve questions either.

Are you cosmo-curious? Whether you’re a vodka purest or whisky convert, we’ve got you covered.

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