Christmas Gift Guide for Whisky Lovers

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Christmas Gift Guide for Whisky Lovers

If you’re looking for Christmas gift ideas for the whisky lover in your life but are a little stumped for inspiration, fear not! We’ve put together a gift guide with plenty of ideas for what to get a whisky enthusiast this festive season.



Sampling sets and tasting collections can be a great way to gift someone with a selection of spirits from their favourite brand or distillery. Tasting sets may also contain special edition spirits or offer the opportunity for a whisky lover to explore the exciting tastes and varieties available in a range.

We have just launched out first ever virtual whisky tasting and with it comes a limited edition tasting kit including three of our special edition whiskies.


Gifting an experience, rather than an item, is a great option for the whisky lover that already has everything.

A distillery tour offers the opportunity to see the behind-the-scenes processes that go into making the much-loved tipple and learn all about the craftsmanship that gets it from seed to still.

At the Oxford Artisan Distillery, we pride ourselves on the heritage grains that are at the heart of almost every spirit that we produce. On one of our distillery tours, you can hear all about the principles of our unique approach to distilling, why we’ve chosen to use sustainably farmed, heritage grains and everything else that goes into making our craft spirits so special.


If the whisky connoisseur you’re looking to buy for already has an intimidating collection of fine spirits that you’re not confident adding to, there are plenty of thoughtful accessories that you can purchase to enhance their drinking experience.

Keep an eye out for personalised options when it comes to drinking accessories, as these can give your gift an extra special edge.


For whisky lovers that prefer their tipple chilled but don’t want the spirit diluted by melting ice. Whisky stones (or whisky rocks) come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are typically made from natural stone or, occasionally, metal.

They are designed to be chilled in the freezer and used in a glass of whisky to cool the drink, without impairing the flavour.


Adding water to whisky is an exact science and one that is unique to the individual drinker’s preference.

Whisky droppers and pipettes allow for the precise addition of the chosen amount of water to complement the spirit.


For those that prefer the traditional definition of whisky on the rocks, an ice ball can turn any tipple into a real showstopper of a drink.

Designed to chill the spirit without diluting it as quickly as smaller ice cubes, ice balls are a staple of specialist cocktail and whisky bars. Ice ball makers allow a whisky enthusiast to enjoy their drink with an extra special finishing touch, all from the comfort of their own home.


A hip flask has long been the trusted companion of a whisky enthusiast. There are almost innumerable options available for including it as part of a gift set or having a hip flask personalised, to turn it into a truly meaningful present.



A nosing glass is designed to promote the aromas of the spirit within it. The Glencairn glass is the most synonymous whisky nosing glass and is used by whisky connoisseurs to enhance their tasting and drinking experience.


Whisky decanters and glass sets are a tradition that put the spirit centre stage in the drinking experience. If the whisky lover in your life has an extra special bottle of their favourite expression or likes to break into the whisky on a special occasion, then a whisky decanter and glass set can make a great gift.


Although these may initially seem a little bit like a ‘gimmicky’ gift, rocking whisky glasses are designed to agitate the spirit and allow it to breathe, realising its aromas and bringing its depth of flavour to life.


Whether you’re looking to build a hamper around a bottle of whisky that you’re also gifting or are looking for something that will pair with a whisky lover’s favourite tipple that they already own, a hamper of foods that complement whisky is a great festive gift idea.

There are plenty of options of ready-made whisky hampers available but if you’re looking to put together something that is really tailored to the recipient, you could create your own.

It may require a little research into the specific flavour profile of the exact whisky you are looking to complement but we’ve included a list of examples of foods that pair deliciously with whisky:

  • Cheese – whisky is often considered as having a rich and mature taste, and so too do many varieties of cheese, making them the perfect flavour companions. Generally speaking, blue cheese, smoked cheese, goat’s cheese and varieties containing fruit often have bold enough flavours to pair alongside whisky.
  • Chocolate – dark or plain varieties of chocolate go particularly well with whisky that has a particularly full-bodied flavour. A creamier milk chocolate can pair beautifully with a rye variety of whisky but avoid anything that is overly sweet and sugary.
  • Nuts – another food that can be rich in flavour, nuts can be paired with whisky to really complement aspects of its flavour profile. Smoky or peaty varieties of whisky often go well with roasted and caramelised nuts, as well as a combination of dried fruit and nuts.
  • Cured meat and smoked fish – smoked salmon is a popular pairing with many types of whisky. The smoky flavours of the fish can bring out the fruity and spicy notes in the flavour profile of a whisky. The rich flavours of cured beef are said to go particularly well with whisky, the rich flavours of each complementing each other well.
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