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Easy Ryder

70 CL   |   50% ABV

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Our 7th batch of Oxford Rye Whisky, Easy Ryder is made for good times and easy drinking. A blend of nine unique casks, including American Oak of varying toasts, chars, sizes and cooperages, and Moscatel Roxo for its sweet, fresh flavours, the resulting whisky is creamy with notes of pastry, chocolate, refreshing spice and a pronounced savoury character.

Our biggest release yet, using the grain and distillery character as a backbone, the oak complexity of the eight American Oak casks merges with the sweet and fresh flavours from the Moscatel Roxo fortified wine cask from Setúbal, Portugal.


Let Easy Ryder take you on a journey through our grains and our distillery with this blend of specially selected casks. Each cask has its own story, whether the cooperage, size, filling strength, age or warehouse. After 3 to 4 years of maturation, the cask impact on the new make has produced nine different spirits with different flavours merging to create this smooth, unique whisky.

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  • Tasting Notes

    Baked desserts and herbal spices.
  • Aroma

    Baked apples and pineapple complement herbal and refreshing spices with notes of Dolce de leche, torched creme brûlée, croissant, cocoa butter, white chocolate and bog butter.
  • Palate

    Hints of custard, biscuit, hazelnut, biscotti and white chocolate.
  • Finish

    Pepper, mint, vanilla and subtle smoke.
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“Our flavour keeps evolving and slowly showing heritage grains’ true character as we continue our journey through time and flavour, rooted in our Oxfordshire surroundings. Creamy, pastry notes alongside chocolate and refreshing spices have created a golden, smooth spirit perfect for this time of year.”

Francisco Rosa, Master Distiller