Hanging out at Hawksmoor

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Hanging out at Hawksmoor

London has some of the best bars in the world, with the use of local ingredients and a sustainable approach to cocktails becoming increasingly important. That is why, in our new video series, we’re taking Oxford Rye to Oxford Circus to find out what London’s best bartenders really think about Oxford Rye Whisky. 

Our first stop was Hawksmoor Air Street to hang out with Lewis Coburn who made us a classic Oxford Rye Sazerac - at 9:20am!

We then subjected Lewis to a quick-fire Q&A we like to call Quick Serve - you can watch the many anecdotes and unexpected answers!

At The Oxford Artisan Distillery, we celebrate the freedom to enjoy whisky your way! So if you’re tired of overly complicated cocktails, we hope Lewis’s unpretentious pours inspire you to make your own whisky cocktails at home.

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